Applying to become an Appointee?

We always welcome applications from those who have not worked with us before and those who wish to return after a period away from us. If you are interested in becoming an Appointee, please take a few minutes to read this briefing information.

Why would you?

Joining SQA’s Appointee team is an important and highly valued part of the education and training system in Scotland. Around 15,000 teaching professionals and specialists support SQA operations annually. Their professional input defines and supports the development, assessment and quality assurance of our qualifications. So why do people do it? Well, the benefits of working with SQA are clear:

What roles are available?

We have many opportunities for teaching professionals and industry specialists to consider. For a full list and details of what each role involves please read our Appointee Role information. A list of current appointee opportunities is available in our appointee opportunities section.

Please note that for many of our roles applicants must currently be involved in the delivery of our courses and/or be involved in the quality assurance of our courses for a specified period of time.  We advise that you check the Selection Criteria of the role that you are applying for in order to ensure that your application meets the selection criteria. Applications not meeting the selection criteria will not be considered.

What is involved?

Being an appointee may require you to carry out your duties for us in your own time at home, e.g. being a Marker. Alternatively you may be asked to fulfil your duties in a central location as part of a team. Your duties may require you to visit our centres either in your own time or your employers time, e.g. being an External Verifier. If you require release from your normal employment, SQA will ask for approval from your employer before your appointment is confirmed and will reimburse your employer for your absence from work.

As part of SQA’s quality assurance procedures each Appointee’s performance is monitored and measured through our Key Performance Measures. Feedback will be provided to you at the end of each contract period.

Fees are paid and details are provided when you are appointed. In addition, travel and business expenses incurred by your attendance at any meetings authorised by SQA will be reimbursed.

Is there anything I specifically need?

Yes. We need you to have home access to PC or laptop with personal (not business) e-mail account. The computer specifications/requirements are variable depending on the role you are applying for but as a minimum you will require Internet Explorer version 8.

What else should I know before I apply?

SQA Disclosure Scotland Policy

SQA policy currently stipulates that appointees who undertake duties that involve contact with children and vulnerable adults must complete an application to join the PVG Scheme prior to any offer of appointment. However, this is not required by appointees currently employed by a centre and who are registered with the General Teaching Council.

Appointee Disclosure Scotland Policy

SQA Reference & Release Procedure

SQA requests that applications are accompanied by a reference, where required, from your Head of Centre/ Employer or professional colleague if you are self employed. Similarly, applications requiring release at the application stage will be asked to confirm that release is available and release will be confirmed at time of contract.

How do I apply?

If you would now like to apply to be considered as an appointee please check Appointee Opportunities. There is a registration process to access application form before being able to complete and submit the application form.

Thank you for your time if reading this briefing information and we look forward to working with you. Should you have any questions about applying to become an appointee then please email us at

Appointee Management Team

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