Higher Music

Course Specification (29/05/2023)

Explains the structure of the course, including its purpose and aims and information on the skills, knowledge and understanding that will be developed.

Past Papers and Marking Instructions

Access all past papers by subject/level

Additional question papers resources

Illustrates the standard, structure and requirements of the question papers candidates will sit (includes marking instructions).

This is a redacted version of the specimen question paper, due to the use of copyrighted material. Please note there are no changes to the Higher Music question paper for session 2018-19, however we have made some minor edits to wording in the specimen question paper.


There were no exams in 2021.


This section provides information on marking instructions and/or the coursework assessment task(s). It includes information that centres need to administer coursework and must be read in conjunction with the course specification.

Information on the production and submission of SQA-assessed coursework for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Understanding Standards (14/09/23)

Examples of candidate evidence with commentaries  (question paper component)

Further examples of candidate evidence and commentaries for the assignment and performance can be found on SQA's secure website and you can access these through your SQA co-ordinator.

Music assignment resource

This resource includes candidate evidence, commentaries and audio presentations covering the Music Assignment from National 5 to Advanced Higher.

Course assessment overview

Video overview of course assessment from session 2019-20

Changes to understanding standards materials

Please note: Understanding Standards materials are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain up to date.

Additional Resources session 2020-22

Please note: Additional resources published during sessions 2020-2022 are currently under review. Further information can be found on the Understanding Standards Website.

Course reports (14/09/2023)

Provides information on the performance of candidates - which is useful to teachers, lecturers and assessors in their preparation of candidates for future assessment.

Course Reports

Verification Reports