Principal Verifier

A Principal Verifier is responsible for communicating and maintaining national standards for the qualifications within their remit. Additionally, the Principal Verifier must ensure that all tasks associated with the quality assurance of internally assessed Units and components of Course assessments within their remit are carried out within the conditions, timescales and arrangements set by SQA.

The primary role is to manage team members, in the delivery of external quality assurance for qualifications in the subject area(s) concerned, to ensure that standards are maintained.

These activities will be under the direction of staff from SQA’s Internal Assessment Delivery and Qualification Development directorates as appropriate.

Outline of duties

Undertake follow up activity to resolve issues identified at quality assurance events or visits when required.
Participate in SQA organised events where Principal Verifier input is required.
Contribute to Understanding Standards activities.

Selection criteria

Successful candidates must:

Key Performance Measures for Principal Verifiers

Each year, on completion of the duties outlined in the Principal Verifier contract specification, the Principal Verifier will be measured against the following Key Performance Measures (KPMs) and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance.

  1. Ensure SQA verification activity is carried out within the conditions and timescales set by SQA.
  2. Train, develop and support members of the team to meet SQA verification activity requirements.
  3. Monitor team performance to meet SQA verification activity requirements.
  4. Ensure accuracy and consistency of decisions made by members of the team.
  5. Ensure reports generated by members of the team meet quality standard.
  6. Positive engagement with all members of the team through leadership and management of people.
  7. Positive engagement with all members of SQA staff.
  8. Complete Principal Verifier reports within conditions and timescales for SQA.