Lead Verifier

The prime role of the Lead Verifier is to lead on the standardisation of quality assurance activity for their qualification sector* to ensure that good practice is shared and standards are maintained across our qualification programmes.  This will be achieved with the support of a team of Depute Lead Verifiers.
The Lead Verifier will report to the Quality Manager, work closely with Depute Lead Verifiers, Senior Appointees and SQA staff from across the organisation who contribute to the quality assurance of our qualifications.

Outline of duties

Selection criteria

Successful candidates must:

Key Performance Measures for Lead Verifier

Each year, on completion of the duties outlined in the Lead Verifier contract specification, the post holder will be measured against the following Key Performance Measures (KPMs) and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance.

  1. Train, develop and support Depute Lead Verifiers and Senior/Principal Verifiers to meet SQA requirements.
  2. Deliver training/events within the remit in accordance with policy and instructions by specified dates.
  3. Demonstrate behaviours outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Appointment which support SQA’s values.

*The ‘qualification sector’ is either National Qualifications or Higher National and vocational qualifications.
†Appointees are:
National Qualifications: Depute Lead Verifiers, Principal Verifiers, Senior Team Leaders and Team Leaders

Higher National & vocational qualifications: Depute Lead Verifiers, Senior External Verifiers and External Verifiers