Establishing a Qualification Design Team (QDT)

Once the need has been established and SQA have confirmed that the development/revision should proceed, a Qualification Design Team (QDT) should be established. The role of the QDT (38 KB) is to conduct a detailed review of the proposed Group Award to determine the extent of the development/revision required and direct and manage the development or revision through to validation. If no QDT exists, the person leading the development must arrange for an appropriate QDT to be set up.

The composition of the QDT will vary, depending on the size of the qualification, area of speciality etc. However, it should include a convenor (who will be a representative from the lead college), an SQA officer, and at least one experienced practitioner (e.g. tutor/course leader) from each participating college; and industry representatives (representing employers, Sector Skills Councils, professional/trade bodies) to provide an informed view of the development.