QDT deliverables

The number of QDT meetings required will depend on the scope of the development but it is suggested that the QDT deliverables could be achieved in three meetings. The deliverables identified for each can be combined and/or split as appropriate.

Note: physical QDT meetings are not essential, as it may be difficult for representatives to attend, however, they are useful. Discussions can be held via e-mail or virtual forums.

First QDT deliverable

The first meeting of the QDT should result in the production of a:

  • proposed qualification structure and Unit overviews for each new/revised Unit
  • consultation strategy

Based on the information provided in the Group Award specification, the QDT should produce a proposed qualification structure (166 KB) and Unit overviews for each new/revised Unit. The next page “Considering the content of the qualification structure” provides guidance on Unit considerations and must be referred to when proposing a qualification structure.

The QDT should also decide upon a consultation strategy (51 KB) which the person leading the development should instigate as soon as possible after the meeting. The strategy should identify:

  • stakeholders to be consulted
  • timelines for consultation
  • methods of consultation

Note: the SQA Lead Officer should be sent details of the proposed qualification structure to check there is no overlap with existing provision.

Second QDT deliverable

The second meeting of the QDT should:

Third QDT deliverable

The third meeting of the QDT should prepare for the development of the Group Award by:

  • finalising Unit writer briefs for each new/revised Unit
  • identify Units which require an Assessment Support Pack (ASP)
  • identify writers and vetters for:
    • new/revised Units/ASPs
    • Group Award specification
  • identify possible validation panel membership (including representation from the QDT, normally the writer of the Group Award specification)

Note: A Qualification Support Team should be established to support centres with the delivery of the Group Award and the future maintenance and review of the Group Award once it is operational. For specialist collaborative and specialist singe centre developments the QST would normally be the Course Team.

Concluding the QDT

Once the development requirements of the Group Award has been determined, the role of the QDT has been accomplished. It is good practice to thank each member of the QDT.

Note: Once the specific function of the QDT has concluded, members of the QDT can apply to become members of the:

  • writing and vetting team
  • verification team
  • qualification support team (if applicable)