Marking from paper (MFP)

Once the candidates have completed their exam/coursework, their assessments are sent securely to markers.

Marking from image (MFI)

Once the candidates have sat their exam, their scripts are scanned and sent to markers to mark on their own computers.


Team leaders

Team leaders have approximately eight markers to look after. Markers mark a series of Practice, Qualification and in the case of MFI, Seeded Scripts - these help to identify if any marker needs additional support. Markers need never be stuck, as they can also seek clarification as they work through their scripts.

Scoris assessor

The system has a messaging function for communication between markers and team leaders. Markers and team leaders can view the same response at the same time, so they can discuss and determine the appropriate mark. The messaging system is also used by the principal assessor and SQA to communicate messages to the whole marking team .

Online training

SQA Academy has e-marking courses providing guidance on the use of scoris assessor and the quality assurance process. Markers can practice and apply this training using the ‘familiarisation’ mode within scoris assessor.

E-marker helpdesk

Markers can phone or e-mail SQA’s e-marking helpdesk to solve any technical issues. The helpdesk operates seven days a week in the lead up to and throughout the marking period.

Quality assurance

The system has robust quality assurance built in, which checks markers understand the marking instructions, can apply them accurately and consistently, and can mark to the national standard.

The process begins with giving markers Practice and Qualification responses/scripts which have been definitively marked by the principal examiner. Markers ‘blind’ mark these scripts and when submitted, scoris assessor provides targeted feedback to show where marks are the same, are within an acceptable degree of variance, or are not in line with definitive marks.

During live marking seeded scripts are planted at intervals and, again, have been pre-marked by the principal assessor. Once markers submit these they get more feedback on their marking.