SQA has been using an e-marking system since 2011 and is committed to maximising its use within the organisation.

Marking from paper (MFP)

Once the candidates have completed their exam/coursework, their assessments are sent securely to markers.

Marking from image (MFI)

Once the candidates have sat their exam, their scripts are scanned and sent to markers to mark on their own computers.

Using the e-marking system

SQA Academy has a great e-marking training course, which provides guidance and information on its quality assurance processes.

SQA Academy marker courses


Team leaders

Each team leader looks after eight markers. This team mark papers with support and feedback from their leader. Seeded and practice scripts help identify any additional support needs. Team leaders can also offer clarification to markers throughout the process.

Instant messaging

The system has a messaging function for communication between markers and team leaders. Markers, team leaders, principal assessors and SQA staff can all use the messaging system for live discussions on marks and courses of action.

E-marker helpdesk

Markers can phone or e-mail SQA's e-marking helpdesk to solve any technical issues. The helpdesk operates seven days a week in the lead up to and throughout the marking period.

Quality assurance

E-marking help markers consistently meet national standards across all disciplines.

Markers are given a number of practice and qualification scripts, selected by the principal examiner and confirmed by team leaders. Markers then mark these test scripts, and are given feedback from the e-marking system on how closely their marks match the definitive marks.