Credit Rating Services

How can SCQF credit rating benefit your organisation?

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework can help you as an employer to:

The SCQF is Scotland’s lifelong learning framework and is a way of recognising, describing and comparing the level of difficulty and size of a whole range of qualifications and learning programmes.  In addition to mainstream qualifications which many employers recognise such as Nationals, Highers, SVQs and Degrees. The SCQF is able to recognise programmes developed and delivered by companies or other organisations for their staff.  Many providers of training are now using the SCQF as a way to give parity to their programmes when compared to the more established qualifications.

Any qualification or learning programme which is in the SCQF goes through a rigorous process which analyses the difficulty and amount of learning, and ensures that quality processes are in place – this process is called Credit Rating.

How do the SCQF levels work?

The SCQF has 12 levels which indicate the level of difficulty and complexity of the knowledge, skills and competencies required to learn at that level.  The SCQF also uses credit points to describe the amount of time it takes to complete a qualification or learning programme – 1 SCQF credit point is equivalent to 10 hours of learning.

The levels of the SCQF have been developed around long established educational theory – behind each level of the SCQF is a set of statements about the level of knowledge, skills and competence which underpins learning at that level; these statements are called the SCQF Level Descriptors.  In addition to being used for credit rating qualifications these ‘descriptors’ can also be used by employers to assist them in understanding the skills that they might need from their employees and can aid them in making decisions about recruitment.  For example, an employer might use the level descriptors to help them describe the level and type of competencies they require.

Our SCQF Interactive Ready Reckoner gives more detail on credit points and levels of SQA qualificatins.

Recognition for your in-house training

Employers can have their in-house training or CPD programmes recognised on the Framework, leading to national recognition and a comparison with other mainstream qualifications.

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Further information can also be found on the SCQF website :