Systems verification for centres

Full information on how systems verification works and how to prepare for a visit:

The following document is a summary of our Quality Assurance Criteria relating to systems:

Systems Quality Assurance Criteria (154 KB)

Our systems verifiers will check that you have systems, policies and procedures in place which meet our quality assurance criteria and that these are implemented effectively. They will work with you to:

Further guidance on procedures

We have produced the following additional documents to support centres in writing your own procedures to meet our requirements against specific criteria. You can use and adapt these as you wish.

Malpractice in assessment (152 KB)

Conflict of interest in assessment (140 KB)

Complaints guidance (190 KB)

Appeals in internal assessment (185 KB)

Security of assessments (147 KB)

Data management guidance (148 KB)

Data management flowchart (26 KB)