Quality assurance documents

Becoming an SQA centre

This guide describes how to become an SQA centre and how to obtain approval to offer SQA qualifications. It should help potential new centres as well as existing centres.

Systems and Qualification Approval Guide (490 KB)

Quality Assurance Criteria - SQA Advanced/Higher National and vocational qualifications (235 KB)

Systems Quality Assurance Solutions webinar series

Throughout January 2021 we ran a programme of Systems Quality Assurance Solutions webinars to support employers and training providers. Based on trends in systems verification outcomes and the experience of Quality Enhancement Managers, our webinar recordings will help you to achieve better verification outcomes and enhance the quality of your systems policies and procedures.

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Qualifications verification

Systems verification

Support for you

Prior verification



Alternative assessment sites and partnership agreements

Webinar - Alternative Assessment Approaches

Following the publication of the updated guidance on alternative assessment approaches, a webinar took place to ensure the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of IQA panels in helping course teams to make effective use of the decision tree process outlined in the update document.

Supporting the delivery, assessment and verification of SQA units, session 2020-21