Qualification verification

Qualification verification is the process by which SQA ensures centres delivering Higher National and vocational qualifications are assessing candidates in line with national standards, and that assessment decisions comply with our quality assurance criteria.

There are specific quality assurance criteria that relate to qualifications:

Qualification Quality Assurance Criteria (136 KB)

Qualification verification focuses on:

Qualification Verifiers are experienced subject experts appointed by SQA to undertake visiting qualification verification on our behalf.

Further information on the process of qualification verification and the requirements of the quality assurance criteria is available in our:

Verification of digital assessment evidence

We are increasingly accepting digital assessment evidence for verification as it becomes more common in centres delivering Higher National (HN) and vocational qualifications. The following Principles and Guidance document has been produced to provide centres with guidance on how to store and provide access to digital evidence during verification activities.

The Principles and Guidance document will be reviewed and updated over time as we see the volume of digital evidence increase. Any feedback we receive on the document will help us ensure that future versions are as helpful as possible. Please send any feedback to operationshnvq@sqa.org.uk

The following video case study shows the experience of an SQA External Verifier visiting a centre whose assessment evidence is available in digital format. For more information and for any queries relating to digital assessment evidence, please email operationshnvq@sqa.org.uk