SQA Progression partners


SQA Advanced Diploma graduates from around the world are looking for an opportunity to study at an institution like yours.

SQA Progression Partners gain access to a talented pool of Diploma graduates from international SQA centres through our Diploma to Degree programme.

Diploma to Degree

Our Diploma to Degree programme is a well-established and respected route for SQA Advanced Diploma graduates to progress directly onto the second or third year of a related undergraduate degree.

Many students study in their own country before moving abroad to complete a related degree, entering directly into second or third year. This is a cost effective route for students to gain international experience and achieve a degree.

SQA Advanced Diploma

The SQA Advanced Diploma is a short cycle Higher Education qualification designed in partnership with colleges, universities, employers and industry experts.

With practical approaches to learning, the qualification prepares students for employment and the option to progress to further study at a Higher Education Institution.

Worldwide recognition

SQA Advanced Diploma is widely recognised around the world as being the equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate study.

What is an SQA Progression Partner?

SQA Progression Partners are higher education institutions who recognise the SQA Advanced Diploma and allow students to apply directly to the second and/or third year of their relevant degree programmes.

SQA partners with institutions who can provide a quality learning experience for students progressing from diploma to degree.

Open your university to the world

As an SQA Progression Partner, you will be able to attract students from around the world. Your institution will benefit from:






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