Freestanding Practical Electronics units

The following freestanding units were previously part of a course.

Please note these units no longer contribute to the achievement of a National Course. 

SCQF level 5

Deliver this Unit

Centres need to apply for approval before delivering the Unit for the first time, and must consider the resources that are available to them to do this.

In order to deliver this Unit in the next academic session, and in order for candidates to be certificated in August the following year, centres must apply for approval by the end of September of the previous year (for example, the deadline for applications for approval must be submitted by September 2023 in order to deliver and certificate the qualification by August 2024).

Subject-specific requirements for the course

Teachers and lecturers delivering or assessing Practical Electronics are required to have one of the following:

  • a physics or technology teaching degree
  • a degree in a physics, electronics, electrical engineering or a technology area with a post graduate teaching qualification and relevant experience in electronics

Centres must have:

  • a laboratory or electronics workshop with appropriate ventilation, equipped with power
  • soldering equipment and a range of electronic components, circuit construction and testing tools available for all candidates
  • IT equipment available for all candidates (including appropriate circuit simulation software)
  • personal protective equipment available for all candidates
  • a health and safety policy and risk assessment in place

Find out more about our approval process

Unit assessment support packages (UASPs) for freestanding units

UASPs are available on SQA's secure website. Please contact your SQA co-ordinator to access them. Multiple packs are available at each level, and each pack contains:

  • unit assessment tasks
  • approaches to gathering evidence
  • judging evidence against outcomes and assessment standards.

Alongside further information on the particular unit(s).