Alternative Assessment Sites

SQA approved centres may use multiple assessment sites for operational or business reasons, but we need to first be satisfied that the delivery arrangements are appropriate in order to protect the integrity of our qualifications, the interests of candidates and the safety of our staff and appointees.

Delivering in a different country or UK nation

If you are planning to offer SQA Qualifications in a different country or UK Nation from your base location you need to seek approval from SQA. If you are thinking of:

Follow this procedure:

Delivering in the same country or UK nation 

If you are delivering in the same country or nation, you need to complete an AAS Site Checklist for any additional sites and keep this at your base location for future reference.

For arrangements involving employed candidates workplaces only, use the AAS Workplace Site Checklist.

If you require further support progressing your proposal, please contact your SQA account manager.