Maritime qualifications

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of maritime qualifications to support the maritime sector. Our qualifications develop the employability skills valued by employers in general and necessary for effective work within the maritime industry.

Maritime Skills Alliance

“SQA is the Maritime Skills Alliance’s preferred awarding organisation. We have developed a close working relationship with them to ensure that the qualifications meet employers’ needs and also reflect UK and international regulations. Colleagues at SQA have a very good understanding of the sector and the practical reality of delivering our qualifications; they’re good partners.”

Iain Mackinnon, Secretary to the Maritime Skills Alliance

From 1 September 2019 where there is more than one qualification at each level and size (Award/Certificate/Diploma) a combined qualification has been created and given one Ofqual code.  However, for ease of reference, entry and resulting purposes, each pathway retains its individual structure and SQA code.