Generative AI Consultation Survey Results

Our analysis of the Generative AI Consultation (GenAI) Survey represents the first stage in a wider consultation of practitioners on GenAI use in education, with a particular focus on the response to SQA’s position on the use of GenAI in assessment.

Generative AI Consultation Survey Results (842 KB)
Published June 2024

The insights gained in the report, along with our continued engagement with other UK qualifications regulators and awarding bodies, teachers, lecturers, and other stakeholders across Scottish education will help to inform further updates to our guidance.

The publication of the report findings informed our current position on candidates’ use of GenAI in assessments which will remain in place for the coming 2024-25 academic session.

As was outlined in the current position, the use of Generative AI tools and outputs will not be permitted to generate outputs that could then be submitted as the learner’s own work when completing assessment tasks that contribute towards a qualification. Doing so could constitute malpractice.

SQA is committed to working with our partners across Scottish education, supporting teachers and lecturers where we can, and continuing to listen to their views and sharing their insights so we can work effectively together to protect the credibility of assessments and qualifications.