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NQ Markers - NQ Markers form and guidelines (73 KB)

Central MarkersMarkers form and guidelines (72 KB)

ExaminersExaminers form and guidelines (all procedural meetings) (74 KB)

Skills for Work visiting verificationExternal Verifiers form and guidelines (76 KB)

NQ verification round 1 & 2 - QA Verification form and guidelines (74 KB)

Item Bank

NQ CPD appointees NQ CPD appointees form and guidelines (72 KB)

Visiting assessors Visiting assessors form and guidelines (78 KB)


International Travel Guidance for SQA Appointees  (225 KB)

Applies to any SQA representative who travels outside of the United Kingdom for business purposes. 

Useful information

Once booking is confirmed it can't be changed so please check your details before sending.

Please let us know 48 hours in advance, when possible, if booking is no longer needed.

If you have not received confirmation within two weeks of your travel date, contact us on 0345 213 6664.

You can read more about the process for booking travel and accommodation in your terms and conditions.