Appointee Management Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition and Registration and CPD with SQA

As an SQA Appointee you may be carrying out duties for us which involves marking, item writing and or item checking or you may be a Team Leader or Principal Assessor or Principal Verifier.

This could be achieved in the following ways:

SQA would encourage you as an appointee to visit the GTCS website for more details on how you can convert your skills and knowledge with us to receive professional recognition.

Statistics prove that a high number of claims for professional recognition are supported by evidence of being an SQA Appointee.

SQA Academy

The online resource SQA Academy extends the training and development opportunities available to those that contribute to the assessment processes that underpin our qualifications. Agreement has been reached with GTCS that SQA Appointees being trained using SQA Academy courses can submit claims through the Professional Recognition/Registration Framework. If you have difficulty accessing the site contact the SQA Academy team.

Understanding Standards

Another source of information is the Understanding Standards website which allows teaching professionals to understand fully the standards of assessment as they are applied by the SQA exam teams. You have the opportunity to consider the principles which underlie the marking of their subjects and then apply this by marking candidate responses and comparing your marks with those given. The Understanding Standards website is mostly unrestricted to access, however there are a few areas which require a login. Login and password details can be obtained from your centre's SQA coordinator, or by contacting the Understanding Standards team.