Systems Approver/Systems Verifier

A Systems Approver/Systems Verifier (SA/SV) undertakes to assess

  • completed Centre Approval applications submitted by potential Centres and make recommendations on their readiness to become an SQA centre in accordance with SQA policy and instructions.
  • SQA centres and make judgements on their compliance to meet SQA’s Quality Assurance criteria as approved centres.

The prime role is to work with the Qualifications and Verification staff and other SQA staff as appropriate to ensure consistent application of SQA Approval Criteria to ensure the consistent application of SQA’s Systems Verification criteria.

These activities will be under the direction of staff from SQA’s HN and VQ Delivery business area.

Outline of duties

  • Assess the completed applications of Centres applying to SQA to deliver SQA Qualification(s) from a Centre Management and Quality Systems perspective (either through full Centre Approval or Recognition routes).
  • Seek clarification of/additions to evidence provided by the Centres in their application.
  • Decide on the type of approval event that will be appropriate from a centre systems perspective.
  • Conduct or provide input to a range of Approval Events either through site visits or remotely.
  • Make recommendations as to whether the Centre demonstrates the potential from a Centre Management and Quality Assurance perspective to operate at a level in line with SQA requirements.
  • Provide constructive verbal feedback, to the centre on the findings of the approval visit including the identification of potential enhancements to centre systems and good practice.
  • Make recommendations on any development work required in cases where there is insufficient evidence or understanding of SQAs approval criteria provided by the centre prior to Approval being given.
  • Complete reporting documentation for Approval Events as required by SQA in accordance with defined timescales.
  • All approval activity must be agreed and signed off by the relevant Quality Enhancement Manager (QEM).
  • Conduct Systems Verification visits as allocated by Quality Enhancement Manager (QEM).
  • Objectively assess the centre’s compliance versus SQA’s Quality criteria, through sourcing evidence of policy, procedure and deployment.
  • Make a recommendation on the outcome rating of verification visits to SQA and communicate this to the appropriate Quality Enhancement Manager (QEM) for ratification and sign off.
  • Make a recommendation, where appropriate on the potential application of sanctions to SQA and communicate this to the appropriate Quality Enhancement Manager (QEM) for ratification by the QEM team.
  • Provide constructive verbal feedback to the centre on the findings of the visit including the identification of potential enhancements to centre systems and good practice.
  • Agree an action plan with the centre for the implementation of any required corrective actions.
  • Carry out follow up events to ensure compliance with such plans (either visit or remote).
  • Complete initial and follow up reporting documentation for Systems verification as required and submit to SQA via the appropriate QEM, for ratification and sign off, in accordance with defined timescales.
  • Participate in SA/SV training, standardisation meetings and team meetings as required.
  • Complete CPD and submit evidence to SQA as required.

Selection Criteria

Successful candidates must:

  • Be able to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and have current experience of SQA’s Quality Assurance criteria and systems approval and systems verification systems.  Have experience of working with Awarding Body criteria.
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and be able to engage positively and professionally with team colleagues, centre staff and others.
  • Be able to communicate confidently, effectively and professionally with Heads of Centres and /or SQA Co-ordinators and SQA staff both orally (at briefings and meetings) and in writing (reports)
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent organisational and administrative skills and provide an attention to detail
  • Have a home computer or laptop with Broadband internet connection which meets SQA current IT specification and a private email address
  • Hold a current clean driving licence

Key Performance Measures for System Approvers.

Each year, on completion of the duties outlined in the Systems Approver/Systems Verifier contract specification, the SA/SV will be measured against the following key performance measures and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance in that year.

  • Actively participate in Systems Approver and Systems Verifier training
  • Complete scheduled allocation of systems approvals and systems verification duties within conditions and timescales for SQA.
  • Complete Systems Approval and Systems Verification reports as per SQA’s quality standard and within agreed timescale.
  • Engage positively and effectively with all members of the team and SQA’s centre personnel.
  • Submit CPD record within agreed timescales.