National 2 ESOL Online resources - practice assessments

To access these practice tests you will now have to go to the SOLAR website and access a heading called OpenAssess. (Flash is no longer allowed on browsers and these tests contain Flash software)

To be able to run these tests you will first have to install a piece of software called Surpass Viewer: 

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide and installation instructions for both Microsoft users and AppleMac users. Other types of devices such as Chromebooks will not work with this software. (The installation may be different depending on whether you are using your own machine or one from a school, college or training provider.)

*Please review both the installation guide and FAQ for full information.

Once you have the Surpass Viewer installed on your machine please go to the SOLAR website (on any browser)

Next select the level of the ESOL test that you want to use by clicking the "Please select a subject from the list

Then select the assessment that you want to run from the list given by clicking "Please select an assessment from list"

Once you click "Create Assessment" the Viewer will open, you should accept the use of this and the test will run within the Viewer and not the browser.