Appointee Performance Review Guidelines

1 Introduction

1.1 The appointee performance review process aims to:

2 Scope

2.1 These guidelines apply to all appointment types.

3 Appointees

3.1 Appointees will be notified of their KPMs as part of the appointment process.

3.2 KPMs are role-specific and are published on SQA's Appointee Management website.

3.3 Performance will be monitored and managed throughout the contract period. Where a performance issue is identified this will be managed by the appropriate business area.

3.4 Where performance does not improve this may result in termination of contract.

3.5 Annual reviews will take place after an appointee’s contractual duties have been completed. The review will be carried out by a senior appointee or an SQA member of staff.

3.6 KPM outcomes may be made remotely but will be based on actual performance.

3.7 Appointees will be formally notified of the outcome by exception of the KPM review by Appointee Management.

3.8 In cases where a KPM is considered not to have been achieved, the appointee will be given details of the measure(s) not achieved.

3.9 An appointee may be required to undertake appropriate training prior to a further contract being offered.

3.10 Failure to satisfactorily meet KPMs may jeopardise further SQA contracts of the same appointment type.

4 Reviewers

4.1 Reviewers will undertake the KPM process fairly and consistently.

4.2 Reviewers will complete the KPM documentation on conclusion of the appointee’s contractual duties.

4.3 Reviewers will submit all documentation to Appointee Management within specified timescales.

Guidelines Review Date: December 2025

Guidelines Owner: Head of Appointee Management