External Verifier (Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment)

An External Verifier is responsible for external verification and qualification approval activities under the conditions, timescales and arrangements set by SQA.

The prime role is to participate in external verification procedures for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods scheme to ensure that standards are maintained. The training standard has been designed to meet the needs of all parts of the sector, including drivers, employers, training providers and associated stakeholders.

These activities will be under the direction of the Senior External Verifier and staff from SQA's Contract Services team.

Outline of duties

Selection Criteria

Essential characteristics

Successful candidates must:

Desirable characteristics

Successful candidates should:

Key Performance Measures for External Verifiers

Each year, on completion of the duties outlined in the External Verifier contract specification, the External Verifier will be measured against the following key performance measures and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance in that year:

  1. Complete scheduled centre allocation of visits within conditions and timescales for SQA.
  2. Complete External Verifier reports as per SQA quality standard and within agreed timescale.
  3. Management visit report feedback from Senior External Verifier assessing standards of conduct.
  4. Positive engagement with all members of the team, SQA centres' personnel, and with all members of SQA staff.
  5. Submit CPD in line with SQA requirements.