Digital Literacy

SQA Digital LiteracyWe're part of Scottish Government’s Digital Participation Charter. The Charter outlines how partners work together to meet the mission 'To give everyone in Scotland the basic digital skills they need to do their jobs, live their lives and confidently use different digital services'.

To support Scottish Government’s strategic ambitions for a digital nation by 2020, SQA has a Digital Literacy and Engagement team to support our Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda.

Digital skills

Developing digital literacies provides staff with the skills and confidence they need to use technology in their daily lives. Our staff should have the opportunity to become digitally fluent and to help others achieve basic digital skills.

Digital volunteering

Adding digital to our Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy is a remit for the Digital Literacy team. We work with a range of organisations to support the development of digital skills. We established a partnership with The Wheatley Group,where our digital volunteers provide one-to-one sessions helping develop digital skills, employability and confidence.

Digital learning guides


SQA Wheatley Group volunteers

Digital inclusion is something that is very close to our hearts and we are working on a plan to help as many older people as possible get great benefits out of being online. We've recently been passed details of these fantastic guides produced by the Scottish Qualifictions Authority that are varied and easy to follow - take a look, you may find them very useful.’

Hanover (Scotland), Housing Association 2016.

Learning Guides launch event took place in March 2016