Item Writer/Reviewer - Item Writing

An Item Writer/Reviewer is responsible for creating/reviewing:
questions, items or tasks; 
•     marking instructions; 
•    commentaries, texts and rationales, where appropriate; 
which conforms to the Standards Testing Agency's (STA) requirements. 

The role involves working with an Education Consultant, other Item Writers/Reviewers and SQA teams to ensure consistent application of standards and subject specific integrity of decision-making in relation to content.

These activities will be co-ordinated by an Education Consultant and staff from SQA's Contract Operations Team.  It is intended that the work packages allocated to each Writer/Reviewer will allow them to produce them in their own time, whilst meeting SQA requirements for submission to STA.

Outline of duties

Item Writers may be asked to undertake additional activities. These activities will attract additional payment and could include the following:

Selection criteria

Successful candidates must have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Key Performance Measures for Item Writer/Reviewer

Performance will be measured against the accomplishment of the duties specified within individual contracts, within the prescribed timelines and to the required standard.


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