NQ Research

National Qualifications evaluation

We carried out evaluations of the new National Qualifications. Here is the Executive Summary of our findings.

NQ Research Fieldwork 2016-17

Over sessions 2015-16, and 2016-17, SQA carried out fieldwork visits across every local authority area in Scotland, speaking to S5/6 learners, teachers, and senior management teams about their experiences regarding the design, assessment and implementation of the new National Qualifications.

Throughout the course of the study, SQA staff visited 42 schools between November 2015 and January 2016. At least one school in each local authority was visited, along with a sample from the independent sector and special schools.

Our second Fieldwork Report - National Course design and assessment 2016-17 - which highlights the findings from these visits, is now available. 

NQ Research Fieldwork 2015-16 

Research and Evidence Report: Internal Unit Assessment in National Courses

This Report looked at the policy and guidance documents that shaped the new Courses, internal SQA discussions, National Qualifications Support Teams focus groups, an online SQA teacher survey, surveys undertaken by other stakeholders, and the approach taken to Unit and Course assessment.