Marker - DGSA

A Marker marks candidates’ work in line with General Marking Instructions and in accordance with SQA policy and procedures.

The prime role is to ensure consistent application of standards when marking candidate submission(s).

These activities will be under the direction of the Principal Assessor, Examiner and staff from SQA’s Contract Operations business directorates as appropriate.

Outline of duties

  • Mark in accordance with specified procedures and timescales
  • Complete marking duties in line with General Marking Instructions
  • Submit marks, return marked candidate submissions and complete administrative tasks by specified dates and in accordance with SQA policy and instructions.
  • Submit a marker report to the Examiner on completion of marking allocation, providing feedback on examination performance.
  • Attend Borderline meeting, if required.
  • Demonstrate behaviours outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Appointment which support SQA’s values.

Selection criteria

Marker candidates must:

  • have a minimum of 2 years previous teaching experience in delivering the qualifications they wish to mark or equivalent.
  • have expertise and experience of one or more DGSA subjects.
  • be able to demonstrate excellence in assessing to the national standard.
  • be able to engage professionally and co-operatively with all members of the team.
  • be able to communicate professionally, confidently and effectively; work professionally and co-operatively, with stakeholders, other appointees and SQA staff.
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent organisational and administrative skills with an ability to meet deadlines.
  • have a home computer or laptop with broadband internet connection and a private e-mail address.

Key Performance Measures for Marker

On completion of the duties outlined in the Marker contract specification, the Marker will be measured against the Key Performance Measures and informed of the outcome in relation to their performance. Key Performance Measures will fall into four areas: Question and Course assessment marking, Quality assurance procedures, Appeals and Generic measures.

Question/Item and Course assessment production

  • Ensure the accurate marking of items/questions and externally set/assessed DGSA assessments by specified dates.

Quality assurance procedures

  • Complete all post-examination procedures by specified dates.
  • Complete all reports providing feedback on examination performance for SQA within specified dates.

Results Service

  • Process results service documentation in accordance with policy and instructions by specified dates.

Generic measures

  • Demonstrate behaviours outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Appointment which support SQA’s values.