Item writer/expert reviewer - Key Stage 1 & 2 National Curriculum

We are looking for individuals with experience of writing and reviewing items for the National Curriculum. The role involves working with an education consultant, other item writer/expert reviewer and SQA teams to ensure consistent application of standards.

An item writer/expert reviewer is responsible for creating/reviewing:

which conforms to the Standards & Testing Agency's (STA) requirements.

These activities will be co-ordinated by an education consultant and staff from SQA's Item Development Team (IDT). Work packages allocated to each item writer/expert reviewer will allow them to produce the required output in their own time, whilst meeting SQA requirements for submission to STA.

Outline of duties

There may be a requirement to undertake duties during weekends and holiday periods

Item writers may be asked to undertake additional activities. These activities will attract additional payment and could include the following:

Selection criteria

Successful candidates must:

It would be advantageous if they are working in, or have access to, a school for informal trialling of the materials produced.

If you wish to discuss this opportunity, or require further information, please contact us by completing the form.