PDA Conduct the Internal Verification Process (international) SCQF level 8

This Professional Development Award (PDA) is relevant to teachers, lecturers and tutors who may have a role in quality assuring the delivery of a range of qualifications that are assessed in a non-workplace context and in ensuring consistency of assessment decisions made within their delivering centre.

The PDA provides a benchmark standard for anyone in a school, college or training provider who is internally verifying a range of qualifications, for example, the new National Qualifications, Awards, Skills for Work (SfW) Courses and National Progression Awards (NPAs).

This PDA is for delivery outside Scotland.

PDA Title PDA Code Unit Title SQA Unit Code SCQF level SCQF credit
Conduct the Internal Verification Process GM4M 48 Conduct the Internal Verification Process HP02 48 8 8
  • Candidates should have a good understanding of internal quality assurance and how it relates to the assessment cycle. This may have been gained through already having had some involvement in teaching/learning, assessment or the internal verification processes.
  • Access to this Unit is however at the discretion of the centre.
  • Candidates will gain this Unit by providing evidence of their competence as a practising internal verifier. This evidence can be generated by verifying evidence that has been assessed in a variety of non-workplace assessment contexts, for example assessing candidates for a First Aid Certificate in a simulated environment, assessing PC Passport in an open access centre, or assessing Units in a classroom environment.
  • It is important that the assessment on which the verification activities are based have a real purpose for the learner (eg to gain recognition and/or a qualification) and is not contrived simply for the purpose of gathering their evidence, as a verifier-candidate, to meet the requirements of the Unit.
  • Assessment Strategy (27 KB)