SQA Advanced Certificates and Diplomas

We are a global awarding body offering qualifications and related services to employers, training providers, professional bodies and colleges. Our SQA Advanced qualifications are for use outside Scotland, providing learners and partners with a variety of course choices.

SQA Advanced qualifications meet the skills needs of employers and the requirements of education professionals.

About SQA Advanced qualifications

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SQA Advanced qualifications are Higher Education qualifications meeting the needs of employers and enabling advanced entry into many undergraduate degree programmes in universities and higher education institutions across the world.

Developed in partnership with colleges, universities and industry.

Achieving an SQA Advanced Certificate or SQA Advanced Diploma is one of the best ways to develop your career or progress into further studies.

There are SQA Advanced qualification courses in a range of subjects from Business and Computing to Hospitality and Retail so whatever you need, there is a qualification to suit.

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What is an SQA Advanced Certificate or Diploma?

SQA Advanced Certificates and SQA Advanced Diplomas provide practical skills and the theoretical knowledge needed to do a job.

The courses are made up of Units:

SQA Advanced qualifications is a pathway to higher education

Learners study in their own country before moving abroad to complete a degree, entering directly into second or third year. This option is a cost effective route to studying abroad and achieving a degree at an international higher education institution.

Diploma to Degree

We make this journey as smooth as possible through our Diploma to Degree programme. SQA has articulation agreements with highly regarded international institutions. These institutions recognise SQA Advanced qualifications for advanced entry.

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To get started:

  1. Become a centre - we check your organisation (centre) has the systems in place for delivery of SQA qualifications.
  2. Choose your qualification - we check your centre has the relevant resources to deliver and assess the qualification.

Our team makes the process as smooth as possible. 

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