Statistics 2010

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Annual Statistics Report

The Annual Statistics Report 2010 provides details of the results for all SQA qualifications in the 2009/10 academic year. All tables are available by clicking on the links below.

Correction Note

Tables HN1 - 7, OS-HN1-3b provide entry and award statistics on Higher National Units. An error was discovered in the data used to produce these tables. The error resulted in a slight overcounting of entries and awards. The tables have been revised to correct the error and have been replaced in the Annual Statistical Report 2010 publication. No other tables in the publication were affected.

Annual Statistical Report Excel Tables

National Qualifications

National Units (158 KB)    

Access Courses (90 KB)

Standard Grade (188 KB) 

Intermediate 1 (204 KB)

Intermediate 2 (224 KB)

Higher (226 KB)

Advanced Higher (176 KB)

Baccalaureates (78 KB)

Progression (90 KB)

National Units (Outwith Scotland) (66 KB)

National Courses (Outwith Scotland) (77 KB)

Higher National Qualifications

Higher National Qualifications (182 KB)

Higher National Qualifications (Outwith Scotland) (116 KB)

Scottish Vocational Qualifications

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (79 KB)

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (Outwith Scotland) (64 KB)

Other Group Awards

Group Awards (100 KB)

Group Awards (Outwith Scotland) (91 KB)

Professional Development Awards (108 KB)

Professional Development Awards (Outwith Scotland) (134 KB)

Pre-Appeals National Qualification Results 2010

The pre-appeals National Qualification results for Access Courses, Standard Grades and National Courses in 2010 have now been published in Microsoft Excel format. Follow the link below to view the document.

Analysis of the National Qualification results 2010 by gender is available via the links below:

Analysis of the National Qualification results 2010 by centre type is available via the links below:

National Qualification Appeals Analysis 2010

Post-Appeals National Qualification Results 2010