Fair Assessments for Deaf Candidates

Fair Assessments for Deaf Candidates was an internal report written for the Scottish Qualifications Authority in August 2000 by Dr Mary Brennan and it was never intended that it would be published externally.

Recently, SQA has been asked to publish the report as it is considered by academics in the field of deaf education to be still of great value and we are pleased to do so.

However it is published in 2016 with a “health” warning, the original version of the report was a bound, paper copy. It has been tidied up and put into a PDF format but some of the text may not have copied properly and the graphics are not of a particular high resolution. We also need to remember that we have come a long way since 2000, we now have a new curriculum, a new set of National Qualifications, new technology and of course we now allow deaf candidates not only to have their question papers signed to them but also to sign their responses.