Statistics 2020

A range of statistical reports for SQA qualifications. The publication schedule details when our statistical work is published. If you have any questions regarding our statistical reports please contact:

Attainment Statistics (August) 2020 Revised

The Attainment Statistics (August) 2020 Revised published on 31 August 2020 replaces the Attainment Statistics (August) 2020, previously published on 04 August 2020.

This follows the Ministerial Direction issued by the Deputy First Minister on 11 August 2020, directing SQA to change the approach to 2020 certification and instead award results based solely on the estimates provided by centres. The results for those learners who were awarded a higher grade during the previous moderation process are retained.

All publications previously published on 04 August have been moved to our Information section.

The Attainment Statistics (August) 2020 Revised (Microsoft Excel Format)

Date of publication: 31 August 2020

A breakdown of the national qualification results by sex and centre type:

Date of publication: 22 September 2020