FOI21/22 145 Contract Details

Date published: 17/03/2022

FOI reference: 21/22 145

Date received: 28/02/2022

Date responded: 14/03/2022

Information requested

Contract 1 - contact centre/call centre contracts

Please send me the following information for each provider:

1.       Incumbent Supplier: For each of the contract(s) please can you provide me with the supplier of the contract.

2.       Annual Average Spend: the annual average (over 3 years) spends for each supplier

3.       Contract Expiry: the date of when the contract expires.

4.       Contract Review: the date of when the contract will be reviewed.

5.       Contract Description: a brief description of the services provided of the overall contract.

6.       Contact Details: The person from within the organisation responsible for the contract. Please provide me with their full name, actual job title, contact number and direct email address.

7.       Number of Agents; please provide me with the total number of contact centre agents.

8.       Number of Sites; please can you provide me with the number of sites the contact centre covers.

9.       Manufacturer of the contact centre: Who is the manufacturer of the contact centre system that you operate?

10.   Busy Periods: Please state the month(s) which the contact centre is at its highest/busiest during the year. This can be based upon the number of calls. Your provider may be able to tell you quicker. E.g., JAN-MAR, APR, JUNE.

11.   Do you use Microsoft Exchange 2003 as your email server? If not, then which product do you use?

12.   Number of email users: Approximate number of email users across the organisations.

Please add any further comments attached to this contract if there are any changes coming to the organisation with regards to contact centres.


The information is contained within the spreadsheet below.


FOI 21/22 145 Infomation  (13 KB)