FOI21/22 138 2022 Exam Entries

Date published: 21/04/2022

FOI reference: 21/22 138

Date received: 15/02/2022

Date responded: 15/03/2022

Information requested

For the 2022 SQA National Qualifications exam diet could you please tell me:

How many entries are there this year for each subject at National 5; Higher; and Advanced Higher. So, when we receive this information we should be able to see, for instance, the number of entries for Higher maths this year.


For a variety of reasons, entries for the annual National Qualifications examination diet are subject to considerable movement and cannot be finalised until closure of the examination timetable procedures.

Centres work to entry submission dates of 5 November for schools, and 31 January for colleges.  All centres should have their initial entries submitted by these dates.

At the point of submission entries are indicative, and are still subject to considerable movement. Throughout the session, centres work with candidates, and may decide for example, that changes of level are required or candidates should be withdrawn from a particular course/level.

Centres are asked to notify SQA of all changes to initial entries by the end of March. However, changes can, and do frequently happen throughout the examination timetable. Where candidates do not sit an examination, the centre can decide to withdraw the entry. A candidate can also turn up on the day of an examination, and with the agreement of the centre undertake an examination which they have not been entered for. We work with centres to progress such cases.

While we cannot currently provide fully collated and finalised figures, these will be available on our website on results day in August