FOI21/22 152 Study Support Guides - Physics & Chemistry

Date published: 22/06/2022

FOI reference: 21/22 152

Date received: 09/03/2022

Date responded: 01/04/2022

Information requested

My information request regards the Scenario 2 option chosen by SQA to support learners in their upcoming examinations, beginning April 2022. Specifically for the study guide? resources provided for Chemistry and Physics at National 5 and Higher level. For each subject and level, I would like to know:

  1. How much consultation with current practising full time Chemistry and/or Physics teachers (not SQA team leaders or senior staff) took place to create these specific subject resources? Please provide notes of feedback received and changes made as a result of this consultation.
  2. Please inform me of how many people were consulted and their experience in teaching Chemistry and/or Physics. Please also include the number of people who were involved in the physical typing/planning of what would be presented in the study guide? for N5 and H Chemistry and Physics.
  3. Please give me details on how the Chemistry and Physics ?study guide? resources were moderated with resources and guides for other subject areas such as Mathematics, English and Business Education.
  4. Please inform me of which areas of the study guide? were specifically generated for the purpose of scenario 2 and not simply copied from other SQA documents such as course specifications and markers briefings.
  5. Please inform me of how candidates responded to the anonymised samples of the ?study guide? specifically for Chemistry and Physics before publication of the information on 7th/8th March. Please include any feedback comments on the content of the study guide and any suggestions that candidates felt may have improved the resource.
  6. Please inform me how much money it cost in GBP for a school to present one candidate for National 5 Chemistry in 2019
  7. Please inform me how much money it costs in GBP for a school to present one candidate for National 5 Chemistry in 2022.


For questions 1 to 5 inclusive, please see the information sheet below.

For questions 6 and 7, local authority schools do not pay for individual National Qualification entries. Local authorities pay an agreed levy which has been set at the same amount since 2012-13 and does not vary based on the number of entries in any given year. This levy provides a contribution towards the cost of National Qualifications with the balance of funding provided by the Scottish Government through Grant in Aid.

For independent schools the charge made for an individual entry for Chemistry would be £38.50 which would be same in 2019 as 2022.


Information Sheet (21 KB)