FOI22/23 001 Cost of Gender Pay Gap Report

Date published: 28/06/2022

FOI reference: 22/23 001

Date received: 01/04/2022

Date responded: 22/04/2022

Information requested

This is an information request relating to the cost of producing an annual gender pay gap report.

Please include the information for each of the following periods; 2019-20; 2020-21, 2021-22:

  • The cost of producing each gender pay gap report, including a breakdown of the cost such as the number of FTE staff working on the report. This should cover the full process of producing the report including research, drafting, proof-reading, communications etc.
  • Any internal assessments of the costs and benefits of producing the report


The total cost for each of the years as outlined within the request is outlined below: -


Year Cost (Approximate)
2019-2020 £2,024.88
2020-2021 £2,066.20
2021-2022 £2,108.37

The total time in hours of producing the gender pay gap report is approximately 94.5 hours – this includes pulling, checking and analysing data, researching and writing the report, reviewing and revising the report as necessary, final review of the report, any final revisions, editing of the report and communication of the report.

The total FTE of individuals involved in producing the gender pay gap report is 6.71 (this may vary from year to year).

As a public body, SQA must comply with legislative requirements and produce a gender pay gap report. The report is a key part of our equality action plan and is linked to our equality outcomes. Its findings are used to help inform our actions and progress our equality agenda. There is no formal internal assessment of the costs and benefits of producing the report.