FOI22/23 037 IT Strategy

Date published: 29/09/2022

FOI reference: 22/23 037

Date received: 21/07/2022

Date responded: 04/08/2022

Information requested

I wish to obtain the following documents:

ICT/IM&T/IS Strategy- The IT department strategy or plans, highlights their current and future objectives.

ICT Org Chart- A visual document that presents the structure of the IT department, please include name and job titles. If this cannot be sent, please work towards a structure with job titles.

ICT Annual or Business Plan- Like the ICT strategy but is more annually focused.

ICT Capital Programme/budget- A document that shows financials budget on current and future projects.

Clarification Received: I am seeking all the documents for the year 2022. Please provide.


The information requested is contained within the document.


FOI22/23 037 IT Strategy Information Sheet (617 KB)