FOI22/23 111 Higher Drama Appeals 2022

Date published: 07/12/2022

FOI reference: 22/23 111

Date received: 18/11/2022

Date responded: 07/12/2022

Information requested

This information request is supplementary to the information request of 10 November 2022 with SQA Identifier: JGmrAE:

Please can SQA provide the following information in relation to Higher Drama Appeals 2022:

4. please can you provide information on the process SQA used to ensure the experienced marker reviewing the alternative assessment evidence (AAE) supplied in relation to the Question Paper component of the exam was not aware of the learner’s estimate where a learner’s A1 mark was shown on the front page of the AAE (as the Estimated Grade is then obvious)?

Please can you provide information on whether the experienced marker had access to the mark for the Performance component of the exam (which the SQA has said was not re-marked as part of the appeal process)?

The SQA has written that to ensure fairness, the marker did not know the learner’s estimate, or the grade shown on their certificate.

If the experienced marker did not have access to the mark for the Performance component of the exam, please can you provide information as to how the reviewed grade was actually calculated (i.e. please provide information as to how the mark from the experienced marker on the AAE was then scaled and totalled with the Performance mark, which must have involved the mark from the reviewed AAE to be recorded).


Appointees reviewing appeals were not provided with details of system generated candidate estimates as part of the process. Reviewers were told to disregard any estimate indication on the alternative assessment. AAE in most cases would be marked and a total mark would be visible to the appointee, but the appointee would also be reviewing the validity of the assessment instrument alongside the reliability of marking, in terms of how these aligned with national standards.

The performance in Drama is the external coursework component for the course and, as with all externally assessed coursework, this mark was made available to appointees as part of the holistic review of the grade worthiness of the evidence, and a clerical check of marksheets was carried out.

The coursework mark (following clerical check) was taken alongside the appointee review of AAE and a final grade outcome was recorded.