FOI22/23 116 Direct Claim Status

Date published: 19/12/2022

FOI reference: 22/23 116

Date received: 06/12/2022

Date responded: 19/12/2022

Information requested

I am carrying outcome research about Direct Claim Status. I was wondering if you could help me with my research. Once a centre becomes an accredited centre and is approved to offer a qualification. After how many years of approval, a centre would be eligible for Direct Claim Status? For example a training provider becomes an accredited training provider to offer qualifications for your awarding organisation, how many months/years do they have to wait before they can apply for Direct Claim Status?


There are no set timescales relating to centres obtaining Direct Claim Status.

New centres looking to become SQA approved must go through a Systems Approval process and Qualifications Approval process. Existing centres looking to deliver additional qualifications must go through the Qualification Approval process. Direct and Indirect Claim status depends on the qualification the centre is applying for.

Direct Claim status can change for a centre depending on the outcomes of Quality Assurance activity which measure the centre’s qualification delivery against SQA Quality Assurance Criteria and determines the risk against the integrity of our certification which can result in appropriate sanctions being imposed accordingly, one of which can be Indirect Claim status.

Details of all these processes can be found at:

Quality assurance documents and videos - SQA