FOI22/23 117 Appeals Information to Candidates 2022

Date published: 23/12/2022

FOI reference: 22/23 117

Date received: 06/12/2022

Date responded: 23/12/2022

Information requested

Please provide copies of the information given to candidates receiving results in autumn 2022 in relation to 1) exception circumstances 2) appeal right, specifying a) how and b) by whom this information was conveyed to them.


The information requested is contained within the attached documents.

A range of documents and materials were made available to learners (promoted via SQA's social media channels) and to schools and colleges (referred to in some communications as 'centres').


FOI22/23 117 Appeals 2022 Roles and Responsibilities

FOI22/23 117 Your Exams 2022                                         

FOI22/23 117 Appeals 2022 Update for Schools Colleges and Training Providers March 2022                     

FOI22/23 117 Appeals 2022 Flowchart                                                     

FOI22/23 117 Appeals 2022 General Information                         

FOI22/23 117 Appeals 2022 What You Need to Know

FOI22/23 117 Need Help Signing Up for Appeals 2022 Q and A

FOI22/23 117 Appeals 2022 Test

FOI22/23 117 Appeal Outcomes 2022 Information for Parents Carers and Learners

FOI22/23 117 Documents Provided to Candidates