FOI22/23 126 Contracts Information

Date published: 06/01/2023

FOI reference: 22/23 126

Date received: 06/01/2023

Date responded: 06/01/2023

Information requested

I am doing a research project investigating call-off contracts in the public sector. I have identified some potential call-off contracts awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, but I can't find details of the framework agreements they were awarded from. 

I have attached an Excel file that contains the information I am looking at. The last two columns ("Title of framework used" and "Contracts Finder or TED link of framework agreement") is where I am missing information - please could you fill these in. 

Please note that I have identified these contracts as possible call-off contracts, so some of them might not be. Some could be, for instance, procured directly (without being called off from a framework agreement), or could be themselves notices of the establishment of a framework agreement. Therefore I would kindly ask you to specify in these incidences what kind of procurement was used in the "Title of framework used" column. 

I have provided the title, description, details of the email contact from the notice, the publication date, and procedure type used to award each potential call-off, as well as a URL link to the call-off in question and a unique reference ID for each potential call-off. Please let me know if there is anything else you need to complete the request.


The information requested has been added to the provided spreadsheet


FOI22/23 126 Information Sheet Title of Framework