FOI22/23 136 NP Horticulture course providers

Date published: 08/02/2023

FOI reference: 22/23 136

Date received: 25/01/2023

Date responded: 08/02/2023

Information requested

I would like to request the names of all of the 1334 SQA approved training providers in Scotland.

I didn’t realise this was potentially a little sensitive so I am happy to pare this back to align better with why I requested this.

I am working on a feasibility plan for an island based charity to setup a training centre to deliver NP Horticulture, largely for local employability participants and also to the hobbyist market. For this, I was looking to identify the training centres that are currently delivering NP in Horticulture (that would not be in direct competition) , so I could contact them via their website, to understand if they would be happy to share any learning on systems and resources. Ultimately this was to help ensure the planned training centre was successfully established and managed.

Rather than getting a list of all of the training centres, I would be happy with any details you can provide on training centre who are currently offering and deliver this qualification, or similar, that may be happy to work with me.


The information requested is contained within the spreadsheet


FOI22/23 136 Information Sheet