FOI22/23 135 Communication/PR Staff spend

Date published: 15/02/2023

FOI reference: 22/23 135

Date received: 25/01/2023

Date responded: 13/02/2023

Information requested

I would like to know how much the SQA currently spends on Communication / PR staff, and how this compares to past spending.

I would therefore like to request the following information under FOISA:

How many comms/PR staff does the SQA employ?
What is the annual total salary cost for the comms/PR staff?
What is the annual salary for the Director of Communications and the Head of Communications & Engagement posts?


In line with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ definition of ‘PR’, we have understood your reference to ‘comms/PR staff’ to mean those staff whose role relates to managing SQA’s reputation via the media, social media and stakeholder engagement. In SQA, this work is carried out through our External Affairs function.

SQA has three members of staff who handle media relations and stakeholder engagement as a core part of their role; one at Grade 8, one at Grade 7, one at Grade 6.

SQA has two members of staff who handle social media, using these channels to engage with learners, parents/carers, teachers, lecturers, customers and other stakeholders in Scotland, the UK and internationally; one at Grade 7 and one at Grade 6.

In addition, one Grade 5 member of staff provides support to the overall External Affairs function.

The salary cost associated with these grades can be found below.

In addition, SQA has a Director of Communications and a Head of Communications and Engagement.

The annual salary of the Director of Communications is published in our Annual Report & Accounts (p66), and is published on our website.

The Head of Communications and Engagement role is a Head of Service; the salary cost associated with this grade can be found below.

Pay Bands – 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023

Grade 5: £27,295 - £29,795

Grade 6: £32,616 - £37,580

Grade 7: £39,464 - £44,939

Grade 8: £45,845 - £51,652

Head of Service: £57,575 - £66,534