FOI22/23 154 Music Exam Numbers 2022

Date published: 20/04/2023

FOI reference: 22/23 154

Date received: 10/03/2023

Date responded: 12/04/2023

Information requested

The numbers of pupils taking SQA Music exams in schools - broken down by instrument, level (National 5, Higher, Advance Higher) and local authority


Firstly, apologies for the slightly late response to your request. We try to ensure that we respond to requests within the timescales permitted but on occasion, this is not possible.

We are able to provide the information for the numbers taking music broken down by education authority area. This is contained within the attached spreadsheet.

As required under Section 17 of FOISA, if we do not hold information requested, we must advise you accordingly. We are unable to provide a break down by instrument as the information is not held by SQA. We do not record the information by instrument and the candidate marksheets are disposed of by SQA in the January after the exam diet, as per retention schedules. As such candidate marksheets were destroyed in January 2023.


FOI22/23 154 Information Sheet