FOI22/23 158 Modifications to assessment discussions and NQ23 Strategy Group and Advisory Council membership

Date published: 03/05/2023

FOI reference: 22/23 158

Date received: 30/03/2023

Date responded: 02/05/2023

Information requested

I would like to submit a freedom of information request in relation to the statement here: In particular, I am interested in the content of "discussions with the National Qualifications Strategic Group and SQA?s Advisory Council" and of the membership of these groups. I am also particularly interested in the evidence for the claim that " engagement with teachers, lecturers, training providers, universities, colleges and subject experts, also suggests that, if retained for longer than necessary, the modifications to assessment could have a detrimental impact on .." And finally, I would like to understand the background to the claim that learners enjoy assessed coursework


The documents provide the information requested. However, information relating to the results of the evaluation have been redacted under section 27(1(a) Information intended for future publication

(1)        Information is exempt information if—

(a) it is held with a view to its being published by—

(i) a Scottish public authority; or

(ii) any other person,

at a date not later than twelve weeks after that on which the request for the information is made;

(b) when that request is made the information is already being held with that view; and

(c) it is reasonable in all the circumstances that the information be withheld from disclosure until such date as is mentioned in paragraph (a).

It is stated in the document dated 10 February 2023 that the full results of the evaluation will be published in March 2023. Unfortunately, the publication of this has been delayed and it is now intended to be published within 12 weeks of receipt of the request, in early summer.

The names of SQA staff below Head of Service level have been redacted from documents under section 38(1)(b) as this is considered personal information.

SQA’s evidence is that learners’ attainment in coursework makes a positive contribution to their overall attainment in our courses. Anecdotally, many learners do value the opportunity for personalised learning that coursework offers.

The membership of the Advisory Council can be found on our website using the following link: SQA Advisory Council - SQA

The membership of the NQ23 Strategic Group comprises the following organisations:

Association of Directors of Education in Scotland

Colleges Scotland

Education Institute for Scotland

Education Scotland

National Parent Forum of Scotland

Scottish Council of Independent Schools

Scottish Government

Scottish Leaders Scotland

Scottish Qualifications Authority

Scottish Youth Parliament

Student Participation in Quality Scotland

Universities Scotland

The membership of the NQ23 Strategic Group comprises organisations rather than individuals. Each organisation nominates a member to attend each meeting.


NQ23 Strategic Group Notes

Advisory Council Minute 12 January 2023

Advisory Council Course Assessment Modifications

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