FOI23/24 007 Assessment arrangements for Edinburgh schools

Date published: 03/05/2023

FOI reference: 23/24 007

Date received: 03/04/2023

Date responded: 03/05/2023

Information requested

I have looked at the assessment arrangements 2022 statistics on the website but was wondering if it was possible to obtain this at a school level?

I am looking specifically at Edinburgh schools


The information is contained within the sheets.

However, where the numbers are four or less, disclosure control has been applied and the numbers removed from the tables. This is to prevent possible identification of individuals.

Under section 38(1)(b) we have a duty to protect the personal information of individuals and if the low numbers were to be released, it could lead to the identification of individuals and their assessment needs. Information relating to someone’s assessment needs is deemed to be special category data and we need to ensure that this is not put into the public domain.


FOI23/24 007 Information Sheet