FOI23/24 066 SIMD Q1 & Q5 Attainment Comparison between East and West Dunbartonshire

Date published: 22/08/2023

FOI reference: 23/24 066

Date received: 14/08/2023

Date responded: 21/08/2023

Information requested

Under Freedom of Information law, please provide any information about the attainment gap between schools pupils from SIMD Q1 and SIMD Q5 backgrounds in both West Dunbartonshire Council and East Dunbartonshire Council related to the SQA results for 2022-23. Please include all data from the 2022-23 SQA results which shows the results of SIMD Q1 pupils compared to SIMD Q5 pupils at the National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. Please also provide this data for the previous five years, provided that doing so would not exceed the cost exemption. Please provide the information in an Excel document


The information requested is contained within the spreadsheet.


FOI23/24 066 Information Sheet (16 KB)