FOI23/24 092 Component Marks in Higher Drama 2023

Date published: 06/10/2023

FOI reference: 23/24 092

Date received: 29/09/2023

Date responded: 06/10/2023

Information requested

I am writing to request a detailed breakdown of the component marks for the 2023 Higher Drama written paper. Specifically, I would like to know the marks allocated for each of the three sections, section one, section two, and section three. Please provide this information for all Higher Drama written exam scores across Scotland for the year 2023. If possible, I would like this information in a spreadsheet format.

I understand the importance of student privacy and data protection regulations. I therefore request that the information provided is aggregated or anonymised in such a way that individual students cannot be identified.

I appreciate that this might be challenging to provide due to candidates names. If this might be logistically difficult. I might suggest having candidates names removed. 

I am merely looking to get a clear overview of the strengths.

Thank you for your prompt response and for considering my initial request with the utmost care, particularly in relation to data protection concerns. The offer to provide average scores for each question within the three sections of the Higher Drama written paper would indeed be incredibly useful for my research. 

If possible, could you also include additional statistics like the range of scores or standard deviation for each section? This would offer a more nuanced view of student performance. Additionally, I’m interested in a school-by-school breakdown of the average mean scores for each section. 

I understand that in cases where the student count is low, sharing such specific data could pose privacy concerns. Therefore, could the data be aggregated or anonymised in such cases to protect individual identities? I eagerly await your response and appreciate your assistance in this matter. 


The document should hopefully provide the information requested.


FOI23/24 092 Information Sheet (27 KB)