FOI23/24 085 Lost or Damaged Exam Papers 2022-2023

Date published: 11/10/2023

FOI reference: 23/24 085

Date received: 18/09/2023

Date responded: 09/10/2023

Information requested

I would like to request the following information be released under FOISA:

Please confirm details of incidents in which students' completed exam papers have been lost or damaged before marking had been completed.

For each incident, please provide the year, the number of papers lost or damaged, the subject/level of papers lost or damaged, and the reasons for the loss or damaged. I have included a table below with an example entry (in italics) to make my request as clear as possible.

The date range for this request is May 2014 - present


The information for 2022 and 2023 is contained within the attached spreadsheet.

Section 17 of FOISA provides that where an authority does not hold information requested then it should notify the requester to that effect. 

We are unable to provide any information prior to 2022 as the information has been destroyed as per the retention schedules and accordingly is not held. The information is only retained for the current year plus 1 year.


FOI23/24 085 Information Sheet (12 KB)