FOI23/24 090 Subjects Not Marked Electronically

Date published: 15/11/2023

FOI reference: 23/24 090

Date received: 19/09/2023

Date responded: 17/10/2023

Information requested

I would like to request under FOISA information regarding the marking of National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exam papers.

Please confirm which subjects/papers at each of the following levels are NOT marked electronically (ie by a marker sitting at a computer looking at scanned images of exam papers) and are therefore marked on paper (ie where the actual exam script is sent to the home of a marker). If a subject has more than one paper please and a mixture of approaches is used please clearly confirm this by stating which papers are marked electronically and which are not.

For each subject/paper disclosed, please also provide an explanation for why this subject/paper is not marked electronically. I have previously been advised only that some papers are not suitable for electronic marking so am seeking further information in each instance.

National 5


Advanced Higher


The information requested is contained within the document.


FOI23/24 090 Information Sheet(116 KB)